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Thursday, July 14, 2016

UNBOXED: Marvel Collectors Corp - "Women of Power"

While I am regularly subscribed to Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty for Star Wars, I have been selectively purchasing the Collector Corps box for Marvel Comics. This month’s “Women of Power” theme was a great one, so I could not pass up this box.  Did it live to the hype? Was it worth the price?  Hit the jump to find out!

As always with these boxes, we begin with the pin and patch.  While I still have no idea what I’m doing with these, I was really happy with this month’s designs.  The pin features the Jessica Drew version of Spider-Woman. Having just read the Silk/Spider-Gwen/Spider-Woman crossover and really enjoyed it, I was pretty excited to see the character featured on the pin.  While I was really excited to see Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan on the patch, I was bummed that this was her only appearance in the box. She is one of my favorite characters that Marvel has introduced in the last few years and she hasn’t been featured as a Pop yet.  This was a cool way to keep her included, but I’d rather it be a cooler element.

The exclusive comic this month is Civil War II #1, with a Funko-based design featuring Elektra, Spider-Woman, Valkyrie, and Carol Danvers in both her Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel costumes. I am really confused by this design.  Having Captain Marvel front and center is awesome, especially since she is the main part of the Civil War II storyline.  With that, you’d think that it would also include other characters that are major parts of the storyline included, like Medusa, She-Hulk, etc.  Instead we get characters that aren’t really part of the story in Valkyrie and Elektra. Spider-Woman almost fits, but it is her classic design instead of the new costume.  To add to the confusion, we get a second Carol Danvers on the cover with her Ms. Marvel design. While this cover certainly looks cool and I’m glad to get a copy of the comic (as I hadn’t planned to read Civil War II otherwise), but I would rather a design that makes more sense.

This box also featured not one, but two Mystery Mini figures.  Technically they weren’t really mystery minis though as the figure was named on each box and every single subscriber received the same two figures.  The first of the two is She-Hulk, featured in a stylized flexing pose. Up until the most recent She-Hulk series, I was never a huge fan of the character, but this one looks pretty cool.  The second figure is Captain Marvel, ready to shoot some energy blasts and looking fierce.  I am a HUGE fan of Captain Marvel and so I’m really psyched to have this figure as part of my collection, even though I don’t normally collect the Mystery Mini figures. Carol looks super badass and the figure is highly detailed despite its tiny size.  

The t-shirt this month is easily the simplest design featured in the Collector Corps, with a minimal Spider-Gwen graphic on a light gray shirt.  Frustratingly, this shirt is cut a bit smaller than my other Marvel shirts from Funkos, but the design is pretty rad in its simplicity. There isn’t too much more to be said about this one—it is simple, clean, and looks cool despite not being the most creative design.

The main event this month is likely to be one of the most sought after Funko Pop Vinyls on the secondary market with the “unbeatable” Squirrel Girl! As one of the biggest cult characters in the Marvel pantheon, many have been clamoring for her to be released as a Pop, but she is so under the radar that it is hard to believe she would ever be mass-produced. The figure is highly detailed on the design from her current comic design, from her bushy tail to her squirrel-ear headbands to even her trademark acorn earrings. As a bonus, she comes with a tiny bobble head of her squirrel sidekick Tippytoe.  The Collector Corps has not had an original Pop since the Villains box in the Fall (after variants in Civil War and Deadpool, plus the infamous lack of a Pop in the Guardians of the Galaxy box), but this type of figure is EXACTLY what this subscription box is meant for.

Overall, I am calling this one a win.  While I’m still confused by the exclusive comic and disappointed we didn’t get more Ms. Marvel in the box, there is so much to love this month. The Mystery Mini figures were great—especially Captain Marvel—plus the t-shirt is understated cool and the exclusive Pop might be my favorite Collector Corps item yet.  I strongly recommend that anyone who missed out on this box pick it up if Funko puts it on its inventory closeout list in a few months.

Looking ahead, the next Collector Corps box is Spider-Man themed.  This has me incredibly excited.  More so than any other single character, Spider-Man has the richest mythos. While there have been quite a few Spider-Man variant Pops released and we’ve seen some of his biggest villains, there are still dozens of lesser villains and supporting characters that could easily be part of this box.  Chance are that we’ll just get an action-pose Spider-Man, but my hope is for J. Jonah Jameson. 

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