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Thursday, April 28, 2016

UNBOXED: Marvel Collector Corps - Civil War!

Back when I first started subscribing to Loot Crate (before dropping it, then starting again, then dropping it again), I posted my thoughts on each box when it shipped to me.  In an attempt to start posting on my website more (and getting back to more writing in general), I thought I’d continue reviewing any nerdy sporadic subscription boxes that I order as they arrive.

This week I received the newest Marvel Collector Corps box, celebrating the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film.  I dropped Funko’s Collector Corps box after the disappointing Guardians of the Galaxy box back in December. Was this box worth re-subscribing? Hit the jump to explore its contents and hear my thoughts!

The box starts, as with all Collector Corps boxes with a patch and pin.  The pin features pretty cool graphic of Black Panther. I dig it.  The patch features an emblem for the villainous Crossbones, who had a minor part in Captain America: Winter Soldier, but appears to be a much larger part of the merchandising for this film. I still have no idea what I’m going to do with all of these patches and pins, but at least they look cool.

This month’s t-shirt might be my favorite Funko shirt that they’ve released. The graphic highlights the battle between Team Cap and Team Iron Man, featuring multiple characters in Funko form.  I’ve had issues in the past with the Collector Corps t-shirts running a little small and being printed on shoddy shirts, but this one looks pretty solid. 

The smallest item in the box is a lanyard featuring Captain America and Iron Man. I don’t have much of a use for lanyards and I have a few from various subscription boxes.  I’ll put this aside for the next time I have a convention badge that needs a lanyard, but otherwise this is a pretty humdrum throwaway item for me.

As with all other Collector Corps boxes, this month features an exclusive comic book variant. This month is Black Panther #1 featuring a fun cover with Funko versions of the titular hero facing off against Captain America. This cover isn’t quite as flashy as some of the past, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.  Honestly, I haven’t been picking up Black Panther, so this gives me a good chance to check out the first issue.  The buzz has been positive, so I’m excited to check this one.

While I don’t collect the Dorbz figurines, I dig this exclusive Iron Man that features Tony Stark smug visage peeking out from his helmet. This is the fourth Dorbz figurine that Collector Corps has shipped, so even though I’ve never seen them in stores, just subscribing to the box will give you a nice little collection.  Even though I have a great spot in my office alongside my Ultron and Loki Dorbz from previous boxes, my wife loved this little guy so much that she claimed him the moment I opened the box.

The main attraction of the box is the exclusive Pop Vinyl figures, in this case an action-pose two pack featuring Captain America and Iron Man.  Over the last few months, Funko has really moved towards unique “in motion” sculpts for their figures, which is what we get here.  Even though I already have both a Captain America and an Iron Man in my collection, I really like these two and they will look really cool on my shelf facing off.  Iron Man is posed mid-flight, ready to blast Cap, who stands at the ready with his shield.  

Overall, I’d give this month’s box a solid B+.  After seeing the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War, I signed up for this box in hopes that we would get an exclusive Spider-Man holding the shield figurine, but I can’t say I’m too disappointed even without it.  The 2-pack of Pops are really awesome, though I can fully appreciate any concerns from folks over the fact that there are already multiple versions of Cap and Iron Man that are readily available.  I would have liked a truly exclusive character, but the sculpts are so awesome and the other items in the box are cool enough that I’m happy with the box.

While I didn’t plan to get back to Collector Corps since I’m also subscribed to the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty box from Funko, June’s theme really has me intrigued. “Women of Power” is a great theme for Marvel as they have some really exciting female characters in the comics.  She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Gwen are all featured in the advertisements but also have upcoming Pops, so I’m hoping we get a big surprise in the next box.  I’d love to see a lesser known character get a Pop, like Hellcat or Squirrel Girl. 

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