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Friday, August 21, 2015

WWE Summer Slam and NXT Takeover: Brooklyn predictions!

This weekend is completely awesome for wrestling fans with the WWE Network.  On Saturday we have the next  incredible NXT event – NXT: BROOKLYN!  Then, as if that wasn’t big enough, the next night is one of the “big four” WWE events, SUMMER SLAM!  Since Saturday is my wife’s birthday, I won’t be live-tweeting the NXT show, but you can follow me Sunday on Twitter as I chat about Summer Slam!  In the meantime, however, you can check out my thoughts on both shows!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

EL GUAPO, AGENT OF D.U.M.P. now available on Comixology!

I am really excited to announce that the “pilot” issue of EL GUAPO, AGENT OF D.U.M.P. is now available on Comixology!  El Guapo is a character that I’ve wanted to write for a really long time now and I used this short story as a “proof of concept”—it is a simple and direct introduction to the concepts and characters of the universe including the titular hero, his partners, and his rivals.  I am really excited to have artist Sean Lewis on board as I think he brings a ton of energy and funky style to the story.

Hector Alvarez—Agent El Guapo—was the world’s foremost superspy for the world peacekeeping organization R.U.S.H. … until he was betrayed by one of his own.  Now horribly scarred, El Guapo hides his face under a mask and has been demoted to the bizarre Department for Unusual Menace Protection (D.U.M.P.) where he will tangle with the weirdest threats known to mankind.  Gone is his jet-setting, glamorous lifestyle, replaced now with vampires, chupacabras, and in the case of this pilot issue mad scientists and Nazi grizzly bears.

If the response to this first issue is positive, Sean and I are committed to do more stories featuring these characters in the future.  I really want to get into El Guapo’s battles against his nemeses in the criminal organization The Anchor and his hunt for the R.U.S.H. agents that betrayed him.  You can help bring these bizarre semi-comedic adventures to life by picking up the first issue today, exclusively on Comixology!