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Friday, September 18, 2015

WWE Night of Champions Predictions!

This Sunday is Night of Champions!  Every single WWE title will be on the line in what looks to be a great card of matches, including the return of Sting, who is challenging for his first ever championship in the WWE!  It should be a really exciting night.  Who do I think will come out on top?  Hit the jump to find out and, as always, follow me on Twitter Sunday as I live-tweet the show!

This is a really great way to start the show.  All six men in this match are ridiculously talented and need something to do.  I’m really surprised to see that the Lucha Dragons have not become a bigger deal considering how stellar their in-ring work has been.  On the flipside, the Ascension have gone absolutely nowhere for a lot of reasons and need some way to showcase their abilities.  I think that Neville and Stardust, two of the strongest performers in the midcard that had a really fun match last month.  I think this feud could and should have more legs, which logical booking would mean putting Stardust and his henchmen over here and having the “heroes” chasing them from that point forward.  

Can someone explain to me who is supposed to be the bad guy in this feud?  I know that when it started, Rusev’s mistreatment of Lana made him the heel.  That made sense.  In the last month, though, Rusev has done nothing bad.  On the flipside, Ziggler has shoved his relationship with Lana in Rusev’s face, interrupted Rusev’s matches, made creepy advances towards Summer Rae, and attacked Rusev relentlessly.  He has been 100% heel since beating Rusev last month at SummerSlam.   I really wish that the crowd would catch on to this, as I feel that Ziggler is a much better bad guy and Rusev is a natural face just waiting to break out.  As for the match, this feud will likely go on until Lana returns and since Ziggler won the last match, I suspect that we’ll see Rusev pick up a win here.  I’m not sure where the story will go from here, but I don’t think we’ll see Ziggler pick up back to back wins.
Prediction: RUSEV

I am really excited for this match, even though I have absolutely no idea how it will go down.  With Braun Strowman now part of the Wyatt Family, they seem like the clear winners as they have not booked anyone to have any chance at taking him down.  That being said, why tease a mystery partner if it isn’t someone that take him down?  It would be silly to bring in a special guest, especially if it is either a shocking return or huge debut only to have that person not be able to shut down the Black Sheep.  So, I expect a shenanginans finish, but if I have to pick a winner, I’ll go with the Wyatt Family. I really want to see them get a huge win and beating the combination of Reigns and Ambrose plus a surprise partner would be just that.  As for the aforementioned mystery partner’s identity…I have no clue.  Reports say Rowan’s injury is still too bad to get in the ring—he would have been my first choice.  I’d love to see it be someone debuting from NXT, but I can’t think of anyone who would fit.  So, maybe it’ll be the most boring answer, Randy Orton?
Prediction: WYATT FAMILY

WWE Tag Team Championship
Is there anything more entertaining on WWE these days than the New Day?  Kofi, Big E, and Xavier are absolutely on fire with fantastic matches and incredible promos.  They have been delivering nonstop all summer long and I cannot wait to see them battle against one of the most exciting tag teams in wrestling history.  I’ll admit that I only caught bits and pieces of the Dudley Boyz long run in TNA, so I was really surprised at how great they look after nearly ten years away from the WWE.  This should be a highly entertaining match and will likely have the hottest crowd of the night as they are rabid for the Dudley Boyz and the New Day have been great at manipulating the crowds.  I do think we’ll eventually see Bubba and D-Von regain the titles, but we’ll see a longer chase to make the win really meaningful.   I don’t think the New Day will win clean, but one way or another they’ll squeak out with their titles in the end.
Prediction: THE NEW DAY

Intercontinental Championship
Let me preface this by saying that Kevin Owens is my currently my favorite wrestler on the roster.  He is a great character and simply incredible in the ring.  To me, he is perfectly suited to be the Intercontinental Champion, which was traditionally seen as the “wrestler’s championship,” with the title going to the best wrestler on the roster even if they weren’t the biggest draw.  Ryback has been entertaining as the champion, but I really want Owens to win the belt.  That being said, given the apparent “curse” on the title, I want him to stay as far away from the belt as possible.  We’ve seen champions lose relentlessly after picking up the belt and, perhaps more importantly, we’ve seen them face injury after injury.  I don’t want that to happen to Owens.  However, I’m not actually superstitious  and so I think we have to see Kevin Owens win his first of hopefully many championships in WWE on Sunday.
Prediction: KEVIN OWENS

WWE Divas Championship
Was there anything in the WWE more heartbreaking than Charlotte being cheated out of winning the Divas Championship this past Monday?  With the Divas Revolution now in full swing, the crowd was clamoring for a title change to signify a new era in main roster women’s wrestling but instead, we saw more of the same with the completely overplayed and no longer logical “Twin Magic” throwing a wrench in the works.  A few months ago, I would have called that lazy booking, but in this case, I think they knew exactly what they were doing.  As much as fans wanted to see Charlotte win on Monday to keep Nikki from breaking AJ Lee’s record as the longest reigning champion, they will be that much more excited to see Charlotte take her down on Sunday.    When she does win, this crowd will go absolutely insane and we’ll finally usher in the new era of women’s wrestling that we’ve been begging for.  Now, if Nikki Bella finds a way to defeat Charlotte and retains the title, I’ll take back all of the nice things that I just said.  
Prediction: CHARLOTTE

United States Championship
The first of two matches for Seth Rollins is the rematch against John Cena for the United States Championship.  This match will likely dictate how the second match goes for Rollins—if he loses here, he’ll pull of a dirty win over Sting.  If he wins here, he’ll likely lose to Sting in the main event.  I don’t see him walking out losing both or winning both—it doesn’t make sense from a storytelling standpoint.  Regardless, just having two matches on one card shows just how much faith WWE has in Rollins and his incredible abilities.  Now that the United States Championship (thanks to Cena) has been elevated to arguably the second strongest belt in the company, I don’t see Rollins walking out with just this title as a demotion by any means, especially since it would possibly mean continuing his feud with Cena.  I think we’ll see Rollins get sneaky to keep the US title through nefarious means.
Prediction: SETH ROLLINS

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
With my pick for the United States Championship having Rollins retaining that belt, I don’t believe he will remain the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  I suspect we’ll see a lot of foul play throughout this match as a beaten down Rollins tries to keep his belt by any means necessary, possibly including the returns of J&J Security or even interference from the Authority.   I would love to see Sting overcome all of that to pick up his first title (and likely last) championship in the WWE.  Sting looks to be in absolutely incredible shape—much better than he looked at Wrestlemania—so I think that he can definitely hang in the ring with Rollins.   If Sting picks up the win, I don’t think he’ll remain the champion for long.  Either he will drop it to Sheamus in an instant cash-in of the Money of the Bank or he’ll hang onto the belt until the next big show—I don’t see him as a long term champion, but I do see him walking away with the win on Sunday.
Prediction: STING

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