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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Marvel Collector Corps review - ANT-MAN!

I had a lot of fun reviewing the Loot Crate boxes before I cancelled my subscription in favor of the Marvel Collector Corps, so it only seems logical that I would start to review this box instead!  I didn't have a chance to review the previous box, themed on Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I did receive the second box this past week.  With the theme of Ant-Man, how does this box fare? And, perhaps more importantly, how psyched does it make me for the upcoming movie? Hit the jump to find out!

In terms of packaging, the Collector Corps is already a huge win.  The outside of the box has very bold graphics highlighting the theme and the inside of the box (not pictured) features panels from various Ant-Man comics.  It definitely makes you psyched from the get-go to check out the contents.

The first items are what will clearly be a hallmark for the boxes, a lapel pin and patch centering on the theme.  I have no idea what I will do with these, but they are neat and very high quality.  I'd be really interested to see how craft Marvel fans choose to display these given that they will appear in each box.

The box also included two Mystery Mini figurines.  The two that I received were the standard Ant-Man and the black costume Ant-Man.  I don't collect the mystery box bobbleheads, but the designs are cool.  I would rather have had other characters, especially since the regular version matches another item in the box, but these will be fun to display.  
My biggest gripe of the first box is that the t-shirt was paper thin and a little cheap feeling, but that is definitely not the case here.  The shirt is heavyweight high quality item with a pretty cool graphic of "Actual Size" Ant-Man along with the films logo.  I apologize for the messy looking picture, but this was super wrinkled right out of the box.  While the design isn't quite as bold as the previous box, I definitely see myself wearing this more often.

The box also included an exclusive Ant-Man variant comic.  I'm not reading this title, but it is always cool to get comics and to try something new.  I've heard a lot of people complain about the damage to their books because it isn't wrapped in anything and is just stuck in the box--that is something that they can definitely improve upon. I would also have liked to see something Collector Corps themed.  My favorite Loot Crate cover ever was a Star Wars comic that had Han and Chewie smuggling Loot Crates.  How awesome would this cover have been if it featured Ant-Man sneaking his way into a Collector Corps box?  Otherwise it just feels a tad generic.

The highlight of the box, and the main reason I subscribed, is the exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl.  Last month featured a massive 6" Hulkbuster Iron Man that might be the heaviest Funko Pop released.  This month features the smallest--a miniature Ant-Man bobblehead to go with the unmasked variant Ant-Man at standard size.  This super-detailed figurine is one of the coolest looking Funkos in my collection and is worth the price of admission alone.  When you add the mini version, it only gets better.

Overall, this is a spectacular second month for the Marvel Collector Corps.  I had a few small gripes, but the two big-ticket items, the Pop Vinyl and the t-shirt, were both really great and the smaller items were fun as well.  Now I just can't wait for them to announce the theme for month three!

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