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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

LOOT CRATE - January 2015: Rewind

It’s Loot Crate time!  My newest Loot Crate arrived over the weekend and is one of my favorite boxes yet.  This month’s theme is Rewind, so I was expecting everything to have a retro theme.  While they didn’t adhere super tight to this theme, the box was filled with a lot of really cool items.  Want to know what makes the box worth your cash?  Hit the jump to find out!

Each month the box folds out to create some sort of display.  This month the box folds out to look like a classic NES console, which is pretty cool.

One of the two big items this month is an awesome Space Invaders-style tie from Black Tie Geek.  The quality of the tie is much higher than one might expect from a box like this.  I really dig the design, which from far away looks like a pretty classy tie, but up close shows up your true geekdom.  The only problem for me, as a bigger dude, is that it is a skinny tie.  Still, I have a friend who just started student teaching, so I’ll give this to him as a gift.

The other big item is a Voltron t-shirt and is probably my favorite of the three t-shirts I’ve received so far from Loot Crate.  The design is a blue print of Voltron with Japanese notations.  It’s a really cool design and a high quality t-shirt.  This alone is worth the cost of the box in my opinion.

The box also includes figurines from 10-Doh! styled after NES cartridges.  Each figurine includes arms and legs you plug into the body, along with a classic Nintendo zapper gun accessory.  I was happy to receive the Doctor Who-themed figurine, which mashes up Peter Capaldi with the classic Dr. Mario box art.  Other figurines were themed after Back to the Future, The Fifth Element, Mars Attacks, and Firefly.  I would have been happy with any of them, but I’m glad I got my favorite.

Next up is a 64-page mini-notebook styled after a comic book.  As a comic book writer, I thought that this was really cool.  The pages are a bit cramped to add lettering, but it’s still a neat concept.  I am unsure of exactly what I want to do with it, but I might write a long-form silent comic concept, draw it, and then give it away.  What do you think?

We also get the standard Loot Crate magazine explaining all of the items in the box, which I flipped through and then tossed aside as per usual. It also came with a pair of 8-bit sunglasses.  Like the tie, I really expected these to be super cheap, but was surprised to see the quality of the glasses.  I just turned 32, so I’m a bit too old for this design, but if you dig it, they are pretty cool.  I may give them to my niece, who will likely dig them cause she is a little nerd.

Finally, my favorite item in the box—an exclusive edition of Marvel’s new Star Wars #1.  I haven’t received my monthly box of goodness from Limited Edition Comics yet, so I’ve been clamoring at the bit to read this first issue and this gave me a chance to dig in.  The comic itself is really awesome thanks to a stellar creative team and a fun story, plus this is a great cover featuring Han and Chewie.  My favorite part of the cover is that one of the boxes that they are smuggling has a small Loot Crate logo and all of the boxes are the same size, so it does kinda look like they are smuggling a hole shipload of Loot Crates.  That is a fun detail.

Overall, this box is more than worth the $20 that you’d pay for a monthly subscription.  The tshirt is a solid $15, the tie would easily sell for $25, the comic has a $5 cover, the notebook is probably worth $10, the figurines sell for $35 on their site, and the glasses are worth $10.  That is an estimated box value of at least $100.  Well worth your cash!

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