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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LOOT CRATE Review - December 2014 ANNIVERSARY

My December box came from Loot Crate came over the weekend and it held a lot of promise.  The "Anniversary" box was advertised to include items from Marvel, Batman, The Simpsons, Tetris, and Ghostbusters, so I had very high expectations.  After last month's cool-but-not-amazing "Battle" box, how would this month's Loot Crate stack up?  Hit the jump to find out.

This month's box!  The fold-out on the box makes a mini-Batcave, which is pretty cool if you are into keeping and displaying your boxes.  Personally, I'm not, but I've seen some pretty cool displays people have put together.  When you first open the box, the big ticket items are staring you in the face, so I was overjoyed the moment I cracked this bad boy open.

The #1 item in this month's box is an instant winner for me.  I'm an avid collector of Funko's Pop Vinyl figures (I currently have 21, plus 5 for my wife) and so this exclusive Batman/Joker mash-up figure was right up my biscuit.  I'm normally not a huge fan of repaints-as-variants, but the details on this figure are pretty damn awesome. I haven't really gone down the DC rabbit hole for Funkos yet (I only have a regular Batman), so this could unlock a new facet of that addiction.

Next up are the Marvel items, which include a pair of Baby Groot socks and a vanilla scented Captain America air freshener.  The socks are super awesome, even though my wife stole them the moment I opened the box.  The air freshener is a smaller item, but its useful so it certainly beats out something like last month's Street Fighter headband.  Again, I call this a win.

My wife is a massive Tetris nut, so this set of stickers came to the right household.  With 147 individual stickers, you can do some pretty cool stuff with this if you are craft.  Considering how little Tetris merchandise is out there, this will be a big win with the legions of Tetris fans.

Next up is a pretty awesome item--a Mighty Wallet featuring nearly the entire cast of The Simpsons.  The wallet is made from Tyvek, which is super resilient against rips and tears.  I have a good friend who swears by these wallets and with a very cool design, geeks should go crazy for this one.

We get a bonus Batman item here with a very cool exclusive variant cover for Batman #36, which continues the End Game story by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.  I would have preferred that they went back a few issues so that the issue would be the start of the storyline (and would hopefully bring in new readers that don't get comics, but get the Loot Crate), but this is still a very cool item.

We also get the usual miscellaneous items, which this time includes their monthly magazine, plus a Ghostbusters door tag, and a coupon for something anime related I believe.  The door tag was a bit of a disappointed as I had high hopes for the Ghostbusters item, but given how much cool stuff was in this month's box, I really can't complain too much. 

Overall, this is a big month for Loot Crate.  This is easily my favorite box that I've received yet.  In total, you get pretty close to $50 worth of stuff in this month's box, including two exclusive items and there isn't anything here that I would consider stupid (unlike last month).  

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