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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Buy my comics!

Recently, I have had a lot of people ask me where you can buy comics that I have written.  The best place is at comic book conventions and in-store appearances, where you can not only buy my comics, but also chat with me.  However, if you want to support my work, but cannot make it to one of these appearances, many of my works are available online.  Hit the jump for a full listing!

Matinee Eclectica Vol 1 (Dirty Third Comics)
My self-published collection, which features 10 original stories, can be purchased directly from the printer via their website.
or you can buy it digitally via Comixology!

Shakespeare Shaken (Red Stylo Media)
“Dark Mistress” with Mark Mullany
This sexy thriller based upon the love sonnets of Shakespeare can be purchased both in print and digitally directly from Red Stylo Media!
My Story Only (digital)
Full Collection

Unfashioned Creatures (Red Stylo Media)
“Extreme Makeover (Resurrection Edition)“ with Jarrod Perez
This comedic take on the Frankenstein mythos is available both digitally and in print
My Story Only (digital)
Full Collection

The Gathering: War (Grayhaven Comics)
“Loves, Letters, Leaves” with Scott Sackett
This incredibly personal story about my father’s experiences in the Vietnam War can be purchased directly from the publisher.  I also have plenty of copies available if you want a signed version!

Youngblood #78 (Image Comics)
Co-written by Rob Liefeld with art by Jon Malin
This can be purchased digitally at Comixology
Or in print from various back issue retailers, like Midtown Comics

Dear Dinosaur (Dirty Third Comics/Two For One Comics)
My comedic webcomic ended earlier this year, but can still be read over at and The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur collection will be available starting this Spring!

CLiNT Magazine #5 (Titan Publications)
“Battle of Dansroom” with artist Des Taylor
My debut as a comic book writer is now out of print and might be hard to find.  I have seen these pop up on eBay and I’ve seen them in discount bins at comic conventions and stores, but for the most part, you are out of luck if you missed this one!

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