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Friday, December 26, 2014

25 Days of Holiday Sketches!

If we are friends on Facebook, you'll see that I post practice sketches almost every single day. While I have never claimed to be an artist, I do love to draw and with another new webcomic somewhere on the horizon (the long-delayed Left2Right), I need to keep my skills as sharp as I can.  This year I decided to draw 25 sketches for the holiday season and they were a pretty big hit.  Want to check them out? Hit the jump!

Day 1 - Buddy the Elf!

Day 2 - The Grinch!

Day 3 -Yukon Cornelius!

Day 4 - Jack Skellington and Zero!

Day 5 - I tried to draw the "I wish it was Christmas today" sketch from SNL, but the notebook I bought was terrible quality and the art ended up looking awful because of it.

Day 6 - Clark Griswold!

Day 7 - The Ghost of Christmas Past (Dimebag Darrell)

Day 8 - Kwanzaa-Bot

Day 9 - My D*ck in a Box!

Day 10 - GingerBatMan!

Day 11 - The Holiday Armadillo!

Day 12 - Hall and Oates!

Day 13 - Home Alone's Kevin McCallister (legit sociopath)

Day 14 - Kitty Pryde and Lockheed!

Day 15 - The Pink Nightmare!

Day 16 - Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey!

Day 17 - TurboMan from Jingle All the Way!

Day 18 - Chewbacca celebrating Wookie Life Day!

Day 19 - Elf on a Shelf!

Day 20 - Frank Costanza celebrating Festivus!

Day 21 - Bob and Tiny Tim from Muppets Christmas Carol!

Day 22 - John McClane!

Day 23 - The Holiday Dalek!

Day 24 - Dear Dinosaur and his bundle of joy!

Day 25 - Merry Christmas from the Schrodt Family!

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