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Friday, November 21, 2014

WWE Survivor Series Predictions!

It’s SURVIVOR SERIES time!  The “Thanksgiving tradition” was one of my favorites growing up and I am so excited to see that we’ll get a traditional Survivor Series matchup in this year’s show.   Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we have much else going on as only three matches were announced prior to this week’s shows.  Yikes.  That being said, there is quite a bit to be excited about here in the matches that were announced, plus it is absolutely free to new WWE Network subscribers!  This could be a very “interesting” PPV to say the least, so hit the jump to see my thoughts!

A few years ago, a Divas traditional Survivor Series match was called the “worst match of the year” and I’m sure a lot of people are expecting this match to the go the same route.  Personally, I hope that they are wrong and given the women in this match, there is a distinct chance this match could be a big surprise.  You have Nattie and Paige, arguably the best Divas on the main roster.  Then you add Emma and Summer Rae, two strong talents that have never had a real chance to shine since being called up from NXT.  Naomi and Cameron have made strong improvements, while Layla and Alicia are perfectly adequate.  If booked right, this could be a pretty fun match that highlights the Divas division quite well.  The match could go either way, but as a huge Paige fan, I’d like to see the Evil Divas pick up the win here.  I’d really like to see it come down to Emma or Nattie and Paige at the end, which could be really entertaining and will give the Divas division a natural number one contender.
Prediction: EVIL DIVAS

Am I the only person disappointed that Bray Wyatt has let Luke Harper and Eric Rowan loose? I’m glad to see that they’ll get a chance to shine (in the main event no less!), but they worked so well as a faction and had not yet overstayed their welcome as a team.  Still, it is good to see Wyatt back again after a short hiatus.  After they completely dropped the ball with Wyatt earlier this year having him loose big feuds to both Cena and Jericho, he needs to make a HUGE splash here to avoid being completely buried.  I don’t see Ambrose losing clean and I don’t think this will be the last match between these two in this feud, but Wyatt should definitely take the win here.  This is likely to be our match of the night, as both men are great in the ring and tore the house down as part of the Wyatt Family/Shield feud to start the year.  If there is any reason to check out the pay-per-view this weekend (and for free), it’ll be this match.  I just hope that this feud continues on for the next several months; the two have demonstrated great chemistry in the ring and I feel like the buildup to this match has barely scratched the surface in what they are capable of.  I expect this match will be awesome, but with even more buildup, the subsequent matches can be even better.
Prediction: BRAY WYATT

This match hasn’t been announced yet, but I could see it being added, so I’ll break it down anyway.  I consider Adam Rose to be the first true tragedy of the WWE Network era.  He debuted on NXT shortly after the Network launched and his gimmick was hugely over with the small crowd at Full Sail University.  In their tiny arena, his Rosebuds looked like a real party and his commitment to the character was fantastic.  He was an instant star and was graduated to the main roster after about a month with the character in NXT…and no one really cared.  The gimmick didn’t translate well to the larger arenas and the casual crowd wasn’t nearly as interested.  It was an almost instant failure on the main roster and they never found a way to adapt it.  Instead, they used it to shill whatever products sponsored Raw and didn’t bother giving him a proper feud until now with the mysterious bunny, who has supposedly been played by a number of different wrestlers.  To reinvigorate the character, Rose will need to turn full on heel and to avoid being completely buried he cannot lose to the Bunny.  Rose will pick up the win in villainous fashion here, unless they decide to pull a swerve by unmasking the Bunny to reveal either a returning star or a debuting wrestling from NXT—both of which I think would hinder the wrestler under the mask more than it would help.
Prediction: ADAM ROSE

Divas Championship
I will admit, I have been super tough on the Bella Twins in my write-ups for each pay-per-view.  They aren’t very good wrestlers and they are even worse actresses, but they are clearly busting their asses to improve in the ring.  Neither of the twins is at the same level as the likes of AJ or Paige, but they are getting better.  AJ is going to carry the match, but I’m hoping that Nikki will hold her own and that this won’t be a complete snoozer.  There have been a lot of rumors that no Total Divas cast member will hold the title (because of confusion with the shooting schedules), but with only a few main roster women not on the show at this point, I don’t think we’ll see that rule hold here.  They’ve been building Nikki’s arc for so long that it makes sense for her to win the title here only to feud over it with her sister, but I can’t say I’ll be terribly happy with AJ being dropped from the title scene.  
Prediction: NIKKI BELLA

WWE Tag Team Championship
I just want to go on record that while I’m a huge fan of Epico and Primo, their gimmick as Los Matadores is incredibly stupid.  I’m glad that is has, somewhat, gotten them over with fans, but it is so cartoonishly stupid.  That being said, there is a ton of talent in this match and so I am really excited to see how it plays out.  Obviously the Miz and Damian Sandow will completely steal the show here.  They have been incredible in the last few weeks.  I would love to see them win the titles here, but I don’t see this gimmick going on much longer—it is super fun, but it is the type of thing that can quickly turn stale.  They will most certainly be the most entertaining part of the match, but the high flying antics of the Usos and Matadores will come a close second.  With all eight wrestlers at the peak of their game right now, I expect this to be a fast paced actioned packed match that is highly entertaining.  I don’t see Golddust and Stardust giving up the tag titles just yet, so I pick them to retain, possibly because of tensions between the Miz and his far more popular stunt double.

(John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erik Rowan, Ryback)
(Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Luke Harper, Rusev)
Talk about putting ALL of your eggs in one basket—this match has pretty much every healthy 1st and 2nd tier wrestler participating, including both singles champions that are currently active.  Yowza.  The match has interesting stipulations—if the Authority loses, they are out of power, and if Cena’s team loses, everyone except Cena is fired.  With those stipulations, this match could really go either way as solid stories could come out of either outcome.  This match should be entertaining if you enjoy brawling, as this match is overflowing with ham-fisted big guys.  Rollins, Ziggler, and Harper will provide some refreshing moments with solid high spots, but this one will mostly be punching and slamming.  I don’t see this match ending cleanly for a few different reasons.  First of all, this would be the worst place for Rusev’s pinless/submissionless streak to end, but I don’t see him being one of the final survivors.  Secondly, after faking out Team Cena on Monday, I suspect Cesaro will make his presence known here doing something dastardly.  Finally, I get the feeling we’ll see Randy Orton (who was off filming a movie) make a return here to get revenge on the Authority.  I wouldn’t be surprised if all three of these variables come into play in the match.  After flip-flopping back-and-forth multiple times this week, I think I’m ready to pick Team Authority to win here, but cheating to do so.  This will set up some tension between Triple H and Vince, a story teased at earlier this month and will force Ziggler, Big Show, Rowan, and Ryback to “earn” their jobs back over the next few months.  

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