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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MATINEE ECLECTICA now available via Comixology!

I am incredibly proud to announce that my self-published collection of short comics, MATINEE ECLECTICA is now available via Comixology!  I originally released the book back in 2011 via my “publishing arm” Dirty Third Comics, but it is now available digitally for the first time!  The comic features 10 stories covering a wide range of genres and featuring art from some of the most exciting young artists in the industry, many of whom have gone one to work for major publishers!

In the book you will find:

  • “Assumption: The Coward”
    • Art by Ben Anstrom, Peter Palmiotti, and Ben Cabonero
    • Letters by Sean Lee
  • “Going Rogue”
    • Art by Steve Ott and Greg Hillsman
  • “Automated”
    • Art by Kyle Shold
  • “Better to Burn Out”
    • Art by Greg Hillsman
  • “Sparrow: First Flight”
    • Art by Dennis Budd
  • “The Roar”
    • Art by Nick Justus and CJ Ruiz
  • “In Her Service”
    • Art by Steve Ott
  • “When Animals Attack”
    • Art by Guy Allen
  • “Out of this World”
    • Art by Kelly Tindall
  • “Assumption: Honest Ned Strikes!”
    • Art by Ryan Lee
    • Letters by Shawn Lee

Plus pinups from industry superstars Victor Santos, Tracie Mauk, Moritat, and Josh Howard, as well as a cover by Joe Eisma and Misty Coats!  Check it out!

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