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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NOW WRITING: Hunting for Artists

One of the most frustrating parts of creating comics is finding artistic collaborators for projects.  Artists need to commit much more time to projects than writers, which means it is all the more important for artists to choose “the right project,” especially early in their careers.  I’ve been lucky to work with some of the most amazing young artists in the industry in the past, but I am always look for new collaborators.  As I turn the corner to work on some new projects, I’m on the lookout for new collaborators.  Are you an artist looking to break into the industry?  Perhaps we could collaborate!  Hit the jump for details on what I’m looking for!

If you are interested in working with me on any of these projects, hit me up at

For pitch projects, there is a larger risk, but at the same time, there is a larger upside for the project.  In order to pitch to publishers, we need to submit at least 5-6 pages completed.  I want to be 100% upfront here in that these pages are done on spec.  We will share all ownership and, should a contract be obtained, the vast majority of all profits from the sale of the book will go to the publisher. 

Four issue miniseries, approximately 96 total pages when complete.
Horror story with vampires, inspired heavily by 1970s and 1980s horror films
Child actress turned pop music sensation Miranda Ross is attacked by a coven of vampires led by her former co-star just hours before a major concert celebrating the release of her new album.

Three oversized issue miniseries, approximately 90 total pages when complete
Modern urban crime story adapting Shakespeare’s Macbeth in a contemporary setting
Young gang member Manny “Mack” Benitez is released from prison and, at the urging of his girlfriend Beth, executes a coup to take control of his gang only to find himself in over his head.

Five issue miniseries, approximately 110 total pages when complete with an option for future stories set in the same universe
Western story heavily influenced by the films of Leone and Ford
When the town bully is apparently murdered by the “town coward,” the town of Assumption is turned upside down and a newly appointed US Marshall must team with a grizzled sheriff to restore order as the truth behind the murder is revealed.

Six issue miniseries, approximately 132 total pages when complete
Modern teenage crime, likely to be controversial. Need a realistic style.
I can’t talk about the plot of this publically, as there is no way to talk about the concept without ruining the ending.  All I can say is that this is likely to be an extraordinarily controversial comic and that needs to be considered.

These short comics are designed specifically to be sold digitally via Comixology Submit.  At only 16 pages, there is more work to be done upfront, but there is guaranteed sales.  Again, all ownership is shared and the vast majority of profits will go to the artist.  All comics are 16 pages and, hopefully, will lead to future issues down the road.

Gritty modern crime inspired by movies like Serpico and Chicago Code, but with a surreal twist
This first story is essentially the “pilot.” If well received, I would like to do more.
Rookie cop Chris Cavies is the only man willing to take down the corrupt Hydro City Police Department…and he is a giant capybara.

Sports story centered on a high school wrestler.  It is important that the artist have a wrestling background.
This is a standalone story—there will not be additional issues.
A freshman varsity wrestler prepares for his first big match and the pressures that surround him.

If I can find the right artist, I’m willing to create any story that fits what the artist wants to draw.
All stories will be 16 pages, so the concept must be able to fit those parameters.
I can write to any genre, so if you have ideas, let’s work something out.

Again, if you are interested in collaborating, please hit me up via email at  Although I’m specifically hunting for artists at this stage, I am always looking for colorists and letterers as well!

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