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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur on Kickstarter!

With tomorrow being the big day—the series finale for Dear Dinosaur—I wanted to throw out a quick reminder that the series is now on Kickstarter!  You can pledge today to preorder The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur, a 150 page trade paperback that includes the entire series, plus a ton of really awesome extras.  The book includes all of the pin-ups that previously appeared in the single issues for Volume 1-3 (now out of print), plus three new pin-ups!  In addition to this, I’m putting together some really cool new extras that dig deep into the Dear Dinosaur archives, as well as some fun “experience enhancers” that will make the series that much better for you!  If you are feeling extra saucy, you can buy some really cool additional incentives, including original 11 x 17 Dear Dinosaur art, full color sketches, and a guest spot in my upcoming webcomic, Left2Right!  What are you waiting for?! Pledge today!

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