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Thursday, May 8, 2014

DEAR DINOSAUR - "The Unexpected Truths"

We only have three new Dear Dinosaur comics left before the grand finale!  Can you believe it?  Our 2+ year journey for Dear Dinosaur, Ryan, and Krunch is heading to its conclusion and it really steps up here with Dear Dino making a shocking announcement in his confrontation with Otis!  Head over to to check it out and then come back here for the official commentary!

Considering how important this strip is, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible—no backgrounds, few jokes, and no references.  We just get Dear Dinosaur and Otis facing off.  I wanted to show that Dear Dinosaur has really grown emotionally after all that he has been through, from leaving the strip in Volume I, his fights with Krunch in Volume II, his near-divorce in Volume III, the column revamps in Volume IV, and finally to  the cancellation of his strip in this Volume.  At the same time, I tried to keep Dear Dinosaur in character by making nasty comments about humans.  So, this week, Dear Dinosaur has announced he is quitting, but next week we find out exactly why.  And then we have an epilogue.  And then Dear Dinosaur is done.

So, originally I planned on starting my new webcomic Left2Right immediately after the conclusion of Dear Dinosaur, which would be the start of June.  This new comic is a much bigger undertaking than I anticipated and because I want to give colorist BJ Humphrey as much time as possible to work ahead of schedule (as he is a busy college student).  So, Left2Right probably won’t start until July.  Watch out for it.

Also, watch out soon for a small Kickstarter that I am doing for the ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur trade paperback.  This collection will include the entire five-volume run of the series, plus all of the pinups that appeared in the first three print volumes, three new pinups, and some fun extras that you’ll only find in the series.  This will be a small campaign focusing mostly on preorders with few rewards.  I would greatly appreciate your support for helping me publish this 140+ page volume.

Today’s soundtrack song is “Take this Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck.  This is an absurd old country song that later inspired a movie by the same name about a brewery that was beyond terrible, but was shot in my home town.  It’s horrible, but well worth watching.

Finally, this week’s strip, along with many others is for sale!  If you’d like to buy the original 11 x 17 art, it’s only $10 plus $3 shipping anywhere in the US.  Shoot me an email at if you are interested!

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