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Thursday, May 15, 2014

DEAR DINOSAUR - "Final Advice"

The end is upon us!  This week concludes the Dear Dinosaur vs. Otis storyline that start way back in Volume I! That means there is only one more official Dear Dinosaur strip left--can you believe it?  Head over to to check out the strip, then head back here for our penultimate official commentary!

Much like last week's Dear Dinosaur, this strip is really straightforward.  It's light on gags, but I feel that it delivers a natural conclusion to Dear Dinosaur's war against Otis.  We see that Dear Dinosaur has grown enough to know when it is time to step away, but not without taking some jabs at both Otis and humans in general.  We also see that, in his mind, Dear Dinosaur still sees himself as the greatest there is.  I decided to end his dialogue on the rant so that the final panels expand on where we leave his closest companions at this point.  Dear Dinosaur may have learned a little, but Krunch remains in charge and Ryan is ever suffering.  Next week we'll jump forward in time to see how the events of this story affected our heroes, in a very special epilogue that ends the series.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the ride with Dear Dinosaur and, if you have, I would greatly appreciate it if you backed the Kickstarter to bring the complete series to print.  The ComplEAT Dear Dinosaur trade paperback collection is a 150 page book that collects  all five volumes of the series, plus a boatload of awesome extras.  You can preorder your copy by backing the Kickstarter.  Other cool rewards include original art and a guest starring role in my upcoming webcomic Left2Right, due to debut this summer!  You can check out the Kickstarter here!

Our penultimate soundtrack song is "Farewell and Goodnight" by my all-time favorite band, The Smashing Pumpkins.    This song is a perfect goodbye song that wraps things up nicely.  I hope you enjoy.

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