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Monday, November 11, 2013

Double Page Spread podcast interview...delayed!

Bad news, friends! Due to some technical issues, the podcast that I recorded with my friend Wendi Freeman for her Double Page Spread podcast will not be posted this week.  We had a great hour-plus long talk last week where I made a big announcement and told a bunch of ridiculous jokes.  Sadly, this is totally lost.  I know I had mentioned this on the site last week, but it won’t be posted for a little while yet as we will need to re-record the show.  Sorry y’all!

Things you might have missed on the podcast:
  • The big announcement (coming soon)
  • Matthew McConaughey as the Silver Surfer
  • Who could play Galactus in a Matthew McConaughey as Silver Surfer movie
  • My hatred for the film Lars and the Real Girl

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