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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dear Dinosaur - "Deal or No Deal"

Volume V of Dear Dinosaur rolls on this week!  Dear Dinosaur is still reeling from the cancellation of his advice column and that is starting to cause problems at home.  Head over to to find out how this affecting our hero, then head on back for the official commentary!

This week's Dear Dinosaur is based upon the Five Stages of Grief, which are often associated with someone dealing with the death of a loved one.  I don't intend to make like of this type of pain and coping, but the structure of this theory was rife with opportunities to show Dear Dinosaur at his most absurd and, perhaps more importantly, to show some interaction between Dear Dinosaur and Krunch.  I haven't written much between the characters since their separation and subsequent reconciliation, but I'm really glad to show some insight into their relationship over the last two weeks.  Krunch is one of my favorite characters and is such a fun foil for our titular hero.

There are a ton of in-jokes in this strip.  In Stage #1, Dear Dinosaur is playing with a My Pet Monster doll and a 1980's LJN rubber Macho Man Randy Savage toy in a scene that is very reminiscent to Dark Helmet being caught playing with his toys in the movie Spaceballs.  In Stage #2, we see Dear Dinosaur dressed as Wolverine to take out some aggression on Otis, whom he blames for the cancellation of his strip at the end of Volume IV.  Stage #3 pokes fun at the fact that bargaining is the most abstract stage of grieving.  Stage #3.5, which is entirely made-up is actually based upon my own coping mechanism of trying to distract myself as much as possible and is a slight nod to my favorite episode of Malcolm in the Middle in which Hal and Dewey build a giant Lego city in their living room.  The skyline Dear Dinosaur builds is reminiscent of the Chicago skyline, including several of my favorite buildings, with the Daily Planet thrown into the background.  Stage #4 references the ASPCA commercials featuring Sarah McLachlan songs, which are the most depressing things on Earth.  Finally in Stage #5, Dear Dinosaur finds acceptance at the insistence of his wife.

Today's soundtrack song is "Journey to the End of the East Bay" by Rancid, which is about the rise and fall of Operation Ivy.  There really isn't a parallel between this story and Dear Dinosaur's, but for some reason this week's strip just reminds me of this song.

Finally, this week’s strip, along with many others is for sale!  If you’d like to buy the original 11 x 17 art, it’s only $10 plus $3 shipping anywhere in the US.  Shoot me an email at if you are interested!

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