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Thursday, October 31, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - Volume IV: Jumping the Megalodon!

So, I have to apologize for the fact that I've dropped the ball on posting commentary for Dear Dinosaur!  Last week's strip, which was the finale for Volume IV was posted without commentary because I was on vacation in Ohio.  Sorry y'all!  I'll add a few tidbits in with this week's commentary, but first you need to head over to to check out the final inked cover for Dear Dinosaur Volume IV!

So, last week's strip showed that Otis wasn't bluffing--Dear Dinosaur's advice column really is cancelled.  In the final strip of volume four, we see Dear Dinosaur literally shutting off the lights for the column, leaving his future uncertain.  I've had a few folks email me to ask if this was meant to be the finale for Dear Dinosaur and…it is not!  Dear Dinosaur's story is far from over.  In fact, we'll be jumping into Volume V next week!

The title of Volume IV, Jumping the Megalodon, is a reference to the television term "jumping the shark," which is applied to any television show that resorts to crazy gimmicks to keep viewers interested after it has begun to diminish in quality.  It is named after a crazy episode of Happy Days in which Fonzie literally jumped a shark on water skis.  I chose this as the title because much of Volume IV is about the Shadowy Board of Editorial Figures forcing gimmicks upon Dear Dinosaur in order to keep readers interested in his column.  The cover design is semi-reminiscent of an Evil Knieval comic that was released by Marvel Comics and the Ideal Toy Company back in 1974 (see below).

This week's soundtrack song is "Pompeii" by Bastille.  I feel that this song really captures the hectic feel of Volume IV and the desperation left at the end of the volume.

Be sure to check back next week for Volume V's premiere and check out the Double Page Spread podcast for a special interview with me very soon!  I'll be speaking with my homegirl Wendi Freeman and making a major announcement that you won't want to miss!

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