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Thursday, October 17, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - Morally and Financially Bankrupt

I totally dropped the ball last week on the commentary, which is a damn shame because of the awesome work by Ben Holliday and Adam Wollet on the special Dear Dinosaur page they put together.  I really hope y'all dug it and you should definitely check out their work!  Ben and Adam are part of the creative team behind my upcoming all ages graphic novel OREN TAKES FLIGHT and both have HUGE futures in the industry!  Now, on to this week!  Dear Dinosaur takes a major turn this week as the Shadowy Board of Editorial Figures drops a major bomb on our hero!  Head over to to check it out, then head back here for the commentary!

Yep…Dear Dinosaur is cancelled!  After going through a slew of new formats and gimmicks, the last ditch effort of the Shadowy Board of Editorial Figures to improve the column failed and so the advice column has been cancelled!  Apparently the conversion to HD last week bankrupted the column.  But what does this mean?  You'll have to stay tuned next week for the volume finale and then into Volume 5 for the answer!

You may recognize the surprise member of the Shadowy Board of Editorial Figures as Otis, who nearly derailed the series way back in Volume 1.  When Otis questioned Dear Dinosaur's credentials, Dear Dino quit the strip for several weeks, which lead to the introductions of Word the Bird, Iguana Don, and the fan-favorite Robosaurus!  Otis is back--but what is his plan?  And why has Ryan been sold to the Jawas?

Today's soundtrack song is "Archetype" by my favorite metal band, Fear Factory.

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