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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Have you been to yet?  Are you shocked to find that this week’s Dear Dinosaur isn’t actually a Dear Dinosaur strip?  Don’t worry, though, this is only temporary!  The local Staples where I get Dear Dinosaur scanned each week had a malfunctioning scanner this week, so I was unable to scan this week’s page (which is pretty awesome).  In it’s place, you get a sneak peek at Nerdy Little Secrets!

Nerdy Little Secrets is a new “occasional webcomic” that I will be running through sporadically as part of the Filler Friday semi-anthology comic. NLS is a series of confessions from your favorite pop culture superstars.  Everything from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings to comics to video games to pretty much anything you can think of will be posted.  Some of them are shocking, but all of them are ridiculous.  First up is Luke Skywalker, who reveals exactly when he found out that Leia is his sister.

The next Nerdy Little Secrets comic will run tomorrow on Filler Friday.  I should have a solid run for the next few weeks while we build up Filler Friday submissions.  Check it out!

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