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Thursday, September 5, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - "Walk Out Closet"

Things get experimental in this week’s Dear Dinosaur!  This is definitely the most unconventional strip in the history of the series, so it is one that you totally do not want to miss!  Head over to and check it out.  While you are there, read some of the other great comics from the Two for One Crew.  You’ll totally dig it.  Then, when you get back, hit the jump and read today’s commentary!

This week’s strip, which is completely text with no art, is something that I consider doing on pretty early on in the strip, but had decided against it several times.  To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure that I could not make it work.  I had no intention of coming back to it…but then someone hit my car over the weekend.  I had this week’s original strip mostly penciled and planned to complete it on Monday or Tuesday night, but then the situation surrounding someone hitting my parked car (and driving away) completely consumed my evenings.  Sadly, I didn’t have time to finish the original page, so you get this crazy new page instead.    You’ll get the original page as intended next week.

I really hammer the 1980s hit television show Growing Pains in this week’s “comic.” For those of you who don’t remember the show or, as much as it pains me to type this, are too young to remember the show, Growing Pains was a rather mundane sitcom that followed the Seaver family throughout all the usual trials and tribulations.  It did make Kirk Cameron a star for a very brief amount of time during which he became a born again Christian, which did have a major affect on the show’s later seasons.  The most notable change forced by Cameron was the firing of Julie McCullough, who was replaced by Cameron’s real-life girlfriend.  Cameron insisted that McCullough be fired because she had posed nude for Playboy and he accused the show’s producers of promoting pornography.  

Growing Pains is also notable for being the first big break for future-megastar Leonardo DiCaprio, who was brought in as the show continued to jump the shark towards the end of its run.  It also brought anorexia awareness to the masses as star Tracy Gold went public with her battle against the eating disorder.  Alan Thicke, who played the patriarch of the household, was probably the only good thing about the show, though he is now known more for being the father of singer Robin Thicke, who recently made headlines for dry-humping Miley Cyrus on live TV.  Personally, I will always remember Growing Pains as being the launching pad for Just the Ten of Us, a vastly superior sitcom that followed the former gym teacher the Seaver children’s high school and his massive brood of children.

This week’s soundtrack is “I Wanna be a Homosexual” by punk legends Screeching Weasel.  This tongue-in-cheek song is one of my favorites and has more to do with the actual question in this week’s strip than Dear Dinosaur’s answer does.  Enjoy!

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