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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Appearance Announcement! COMIC BOOK DAY @ Burlington Public Library on 9/28!

Greetings friends!  I have done a horrible job of using the site to promote my upcoming appearances, but I have a slew of them to announce for the next few weeks.  Hopefully you don’t mind the short notice!  First up, this Saturday, September 28th, I will be taking part of the Comic Book Day! at the Burlington Public Library in Burlington, Iowa!  They were kind enough to invite me to be a featured speaker and to hawk my wares.  You should come check it out!  You can learn more on their website and/or Facebook page!

The event involves a number of speakers, including fellow Iowan comic book creators John Ira Thomas and Sharean Morishita; and I’ve been told me my friend, comic book superstar Phil Hester will be making an appearance!  They will also have a screening of Iron Man 3, a Nerf firing range filled with zombies, craft tables, costume contests, and a Superman flash mob!

I will be speaking at 1pm about my life as a comic book creator, but I’ll also be selling comics all day with the help of my lovely assistant/wife!  I will be doing a limited number of sketchcards ($1 each), but I am taking 11 x 17 sketch orders in advance.  If you are interested, these full color masterpieces are only $15 and can be pre-ordered now!  

Come see me!  Let’s meet and talk about comics!  Bring burritos*!

*You don’t really have to bring burritos.  I imagine that the BPL has a pretty strict anti-food policy, as most libraries are known to do!

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