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Friday, August 2, 2013

YOUNGBLOOD #78 Contest - Update and changes! Enter now!

I’ve received a lot of complaints from friends and followers that were unable to find Youngblood #78 this week, but would like to be entered into the contest, which was set to end tonight at 11:59 PM Central Time.  Given that my involvement was announced only two weeks ago, a lot of stores were unable to put in their orders and the stores that did order them seem to have under ordered them.  So, to make up for this, I’m going to make some changes to the contest.

First of all, the contest will now run until 11:59 PM Central Time on Sunday August 4th so that everyone has the weekend to hunt down the issue.

Secondly, there are now four ways to enter:

1. Purchase the book in a comic book shop, take a picture of you holding it, and send it to me via email, Twitter, or Facebook.
2. Order the comic via an online comic book shop like  Take a screenshot of your order (you can crop out personal details) and email it to me at
3. Purchase the comic online via Image Comics direct ( or Comixology (  Take a screenshot of the purchased comic and email it to me at
4. If you cannot buy it online, but have told your local comic book shop to order it, shoot me an email, Tweet, or Facebook post letting me know what comic book shop you order the book from (store name, city, and state).  This is going on the honor system, so don’t be a dick and lie to me.

Remember the prizes are:

Five folks will win a full-color sketchcard of their choice.

A color sketchcard of your choice and an original 11 x 17 Dear Dinosaur page.

A full-color 11 x 17 commission (up to 2 characters), an 11 x 17 Dear Dinosaur page, and a sketchcard!

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