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Thursday, August 1, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - "Lil' Dear Dinosaur"

First and foremost, I want to offer a huge thank you to everyone that picked up YOUNGBLOOD #78 yesterday!  This issue is the biggest release of my career and so it means a ton to have folks pick it up.  Y'all freakin' rock!

Today's Dear Dinosaur is another new format forced upon the Dear Dino crew by the Shadowy Board of Editorial Figures!  Run over to to check out the strip and then head back here for the officially commentary!

I'll be totally honest with you, friends.  I'm not terribly happy with this week's strip.  It was one of the earliest ideas I had for the "new formats" and I drew up the initial designs for the Lil' Dear Dino crew months ago, but something didn't quite come together on this page.  I am happy with the story and the designs are solid, but the execution is lacking.  It feels good to admit that, though, and hopefully you folks weren't too disappointed!

The "Lil'" designs were heavily influenced by the Baby Marvel designs by Skottie Young and the Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar.  I tried to add my own twist to better fit the characters and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Dear Dinosaur's flat teeth harken back to an old strip where we learned about Dear Dinosaur's time in college, where it was revealed that his teeth were less menacing in the earlier days.  I threw in a Robin "R" logo on Ryan's onesie so it was clear that it was supposed to be the baby version of Dear Dinosaur's editor.  Without the neckbeard, it wasn't as clear (in the initial design, I had Ryan's face covered in jelly so it looked like a beard).  Krunch's baby design was the most straightforward, as I turned her American Gladiator's jumpsuit into footie pajamas and called it a day.

It isn't as clear as I hoped it would be, but all of the panel borders, the header and footer material, and the Lil' Dear Dino logo were all done in black crayon.  I originally wanted to do more of the page in crayon, but it smeared on the bristol board way too easily and even with a sharpened tip, I couldn't get the precision I needed.  What little crayon I did used worked for what I wanted, but I wish I could have pushed it a little further.

Oh yes, and snuck into the page is a CM Punk action figure that Dear Dinosaur is playing with in panels 2 and 4.

Today's soundtrack song is "The KKK Took My Baby Away" by the Ramones.  The song isn't about actual babies or anything related to this strip, but its the freakin' Ramones.  Deal with it.

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