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Thursday, August 29, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - "Crossover Crisis"

Happy Thursday, True Believers!  It's time again for your favorite dino-centric webcomic (unless you prefer the other webcomic about dinosaurs written by the dude who writes the Adventure Time comic, in which case I'm a little disappointed, but I understand)!  This week's Dear Dinosaur is all about bad ideas and generic superheroes!  Head over to to check it out, then come back here for the official commentary!

The Shadowy Board of Editorial Figures have now abandoned their idea to re-brand Dear Dinosaur, but they have not given up on the idea of "improving" the strip.  This week sees Dear Dinosaur crossing over with other comics, but as the rights to mainstream superhero characters are expensive and difficult to obtain, we instead get generic rip-off versions.  I came up with the idea for this strip when I saw someone posting generic faux-Transformers toys on Facebook.  My original plan had Dear Dinosaur crossing over with one of the other Two For One Comics titles, but the generic character gag was too fun to pass up on.

I do want to thank Mark, Sherief, Jeff, and Chris for letting me borrow their characters for the final panel, which features three characters that you can find in other comics on the Two For One Comics line-up.  From left to right, they are The Dark Knight from Terrorbads, TB from The Bait, and the Treasure Hunter from The Treasure Hunter.  I wanted to slide in a character from The Sword, which is the only Two For One title not represented, but I simply didn't have room.  Sorry, Toby!

If you can't tell who the three fake characters are meant to be, then I probably did a bad job of drawing them and for that I apologize.  Or you don't read that many comics.  If that is the case, I'll fill you in.  The first character, Spine, is a rip-off of Spawn, Todd McFarlane's creation that is pretty much the coolest character ever to come out of the 90s.  The second character, The Consequence Giver, is a rip-off of Marvel's Punisher.  The last character, Heck Dude, is a mustached version of Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics.

Since this week's story is all about "cover" versions of the mainstream characters (I know, it's a stretch), I decided that today's soundtrack song should be one of my all-time favorite cover songs.  I'm a HUGE fan of The Ramones, but I have to say that Garbage took ownership of "I Just Wanna Have Something to Do" with this cover, which was featured on a early-2000s tribute album.

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