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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ryan Schrodt writes YOUNGBLOOD #78 with Rob Liefeld!

The news is out people.  Announced today by the legendary ROB LIEFELD, I scripted Youngblood #78 for Image Comics.  


A few weeks back, Rob asked me if I would be interested in scripting the issue and I jumped at the chance.  I have dug Youngblood since the earliest days of Image Comics and so I was incredibly honored to join a list of Youngblood writers that includes Joe Casey, Mark Millar, Robert Kirkman, and Alan Moore.  Writing for Image Comics is a lifelong dream for me and I cannot begin to fully explain how special it is to see my name on the cover of a book from THE greatest publisher in comics today!

While I didn’t write the story, which was written by Rob Liefeld, I did write all of the dialogue for the issue.  It was a really cool experience, as I’ve never written in this method before.  Thankfully Rob gave me a great story to work with and artist Jon Malin is a great storyteller.

I’ll go more into the process of scripting the issue once it is out, but for now, I ask that you contact your local comic book shop and demand that they order a copy of Youngblood #78, due out very soon.  If you don’t have a local comic book shop, please know that you’ll be able to buy the comic digitally on Comixology over at   And then, once you read it, tell Liefeld (@RobertLiefeld on Twitter!) how much you loved my dialogue so that maybe he’ll ask me back to script #79!

I do want to thank my pals Jordan Jennings and Andrenn Jones who jumped in during the 11th hour to help me with some research for the issue.  These incredible dudes were a huge asset to me as I scripted the issue and I can’t thank them enough!

Been working with for years developing projects! He hits it out of the park on Youngblood #78!! - Rob Liefeld

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