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Thursday, May 2, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - Filler Thursday

So, this week’s commentary for Dear Dinosaur is a tad light, mostly because this week’s post isn’t actually a new strip, but rather the original black-and-white art for the Dear Dinosaur Volume III cover.  You can check it out over at and then come back here for the “commentary!”

The covers for the printed volumes have all been done in homage to some of my favorite visuals.  The first cover was done as a parody of the infamous Uncanny X-Men #141 cover from the Days of Future Past storyline, while the cover two the second volume was a riff on the original theatrical poster of Pulp Fiction.  This cover is an homage to Abbey Road by the Beatles, with Robosaurus, Ryan the Editor, Krunch, and Dear Dino standing in for George, Paul, Ringo, and John respectively.  

The homage is pretty straightforward.  Ryan is shoeless, as Paul was in the original album cover, and DD is wearing John’s white suit.  The only other special thing I threw in there was the fact that Ryan is wearing a Ryan Kesler jersey, as he is one of my favorite Vancouver Canucks.    That’s about it.

For the heck of it, I’m going to start including “soundtracks” to each Dear Dinosaur commentary.  If for nothing else, it’ll just expose y’all to some pretty cool music.  This week’s song is “Help I’m Alive” by Canadian indie rock band Metric.  The song reminds me of where Krunch is mentally at the beginning of Volume III (plus I envision that she would be a pretty big fan of the band).

Regular Dear Dinosaur strips will return next week with a special “inspirational” strip that serves as a prologue of sorts to Volume IV, which begins in earnest on May 16th.

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