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Thursday, April 4, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - "You are a Gigantic Disappointment!"

Dear Dinosaur is all-new over at and that means it is time for some official commentary on today’s strip “You are a Gigantic Disappointment!

Over the last 16 months, we’ve learned a lot about Dear Dinosaur’s past, but one thing I’ve never touched on is his childhood.  Honestly, I never had much of an intention to do it, but at a convention this fall, someone asked me what kind of childhood would cause someone to grow up to be as abrasive and short-sighted as Dear Dinosaur.  It was a joking question, but it got me thinking and so I decided that at some point, I would need to introduce Dear Dinosaur’s parents.

Initially, I had planned for Dear Dinosaur’s father to be a billionaire human playboy that abandoned his mother, a dinosaur, before DD was born.   If for nothing else, I just liked the absurdity of it and it would be a fun nod to Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn’s Firebreather, which is about a boy whose mother was human and father was a dragon.  While this would have been a more dramatic revelation, I came up with the mental image of a tyrannosaurus family that was farmers, which is far more absurd.

So, ultimately, I ended up with the irony of Dear Dinosaur’s parents being farmers, despite the fact that their subspecies is perhaps the most famous carnivore in the entire dinosaur kingdom.  Plus, while having a lot of abandonment issues would be a plausible explanation for Dear Dinosaur’s behavior, I thought it would be little funnier if he actually had a quiet idyllic Midwestern childhood without an parental reason for him being such an asshole sometimes.

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