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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Great DEAR DINOSAUR Original Art Sale!

While I don’t want to go back to the well by crowd funding the third volume, I would like to offset my costs by raising a little money in the next few weeks. How, you ask?  By selling some art!  In addition to my usual commissions, I will now be offering to original 11 x 17 Dear Dinosaur pages to raise money for the production, printing, and promotion of the third volume of the hit webcomic.

All pages are done on 11 x 17 bristol board and are the actual one of a kind pieces of art scanned for the comic.  I normally only sell these at conventions, but for the next few weeks they will be available to purchase online.  Pages are $10 each, with a $3 shipping charge for anywhere in the US.

The following pages are currently available:

VOLUME III - How to Avoid Extinction
Week 15: “Girl on Girl”
Week 14: “One Night (Last) Stand”
Week 13: “In Da Club”
Week 12: “Really Big Deal”
Week 11: “Romance for One”
Week 10: “Snow Problem”
Week 09: “I Only Watch it for the Commercials”
Week 08: “Yearasaurus”
Week 07: “Son of a…”
Week 06: “A Surprisingly Introspective Dear Dinosaur”
Week 05: “Help Yourself”
Week 04: “End of the World Part 2”
Week 03: “End of the World Part 1”
Week 01: “Gotta Blame it on Something”

VOLUME II - Human Problems, Dinosaur Solutions
Week 21: “Thanks for Nothing”
Week 20: “Big Trouble Part 2”
Week 19: “Big Trouble Part 1”
Week 17: “Celebrate Responsibly”
Week 16: “Parallelasaurus”
Week 15: “Angry Birds”
Week 13: “Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do”
Week 08: “College Daze”
Week 07: “Traveling Circus”
Week 06: “Friendly Ire”
Week 04: “Nice Try Gashole”
Week 03: “Skankasaurus”
Week 01: “Home of the Brave”

VOLUME I - Advice-asaurus Rex
“Monkey Business”
“Word is the Bird”
“Take this Job and Shove it”
“Bad Move Otis”
“Dirty Little Secret”
“Chain of Fools”

I also have the inside back cover spot available for ad space!  For $20, you can post your ad on the inside back cover, in color, and will receive two copies of Dear Dinosaur Volume III: How to Avoid Extinction!

If you are interested in purchasing a page, hit me up at!

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