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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ryan Schrodt writes SUPREME for Rob Liefeld

I’ll be totally honest.  I thought that today was going to suck.
My mind had been pretty preoccupied with the fact that I was getting my car fixed today (I am notoriously cheap).  New tires, new tie rods, and an adjusted alignment were bound to ruin my day.  But then I got an email from the legendary Rob Liefeld, creator of dozens of brilliant comic book characters and co-founder of Image Comics, perhaps the greatest comic book company on Earth.   He wanted to inform me that he had chosen my story as one of the winners for his “Rob Liefeld Wants to Draw Your Story” Extreme Studios Writing Contest.  Out of over two thousand entries, my story was chosen to appear as a back-up in an Extreme Studios comic released this summer from Image Comics.
I can’t believe that I’m typing this, but I will be writing a SUPREME story to be drawn by Rob Liefeld for Image Comics. 
Let that soak in.  Then absorb the fact that the last person to write Supreme was Erik Larsen, another co-founder of Image Comics and the creator of Savage Dragon.  The person before that?  Alan Moore.  Yes, THAT Alan Moore.  Alan Moore to Erik Larsen to Ryan freakin’ Schrodt.
I was wrong.  Today did not suck at all.

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