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Monday, March 11, 2013

Friends with Kickstarters

If anything has revolutionized the way comics are being made in the last few years, I'd have to say that it would be Kickstarter.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding resource that allows creative people to raise the funds necessary to create really awesome things.  You create a project and determine a budget, then really generous people "back" your project and receive cool perks in return for making your dreams come true.  I used it to fund my mega-fantastic short comics collection Matinee Eclectica as well as the printed version of my smash-hit webcomic Dear Dinosaur.

Right now, I have some friends and colleagues who are using Kickstarter to raise money for their own projects, so I figured it is my duty to help spread the word so that you, my amazing friends and fans, can consider supporting them.

THE SWORD - Created by the insanely talented Tobias Neal (who will be providing a pin-up in the upcoming third volume of Dear Dinosaur), The Sword is a bi-weekly webcomic that joined Two For One Comics in July 2012 and tells the tale of an unlikely group of heroes that band together for a mysterious purpose in an awesome fantasy setting.  Tobias is bringing the webcomic to print for the first time and has already surpassed his goal, but has introduced some cool stretch goals.  Funding ends March 23rd.

PUNCHING THE CLOCK - Punching the Clock is genuinely my favorite webcomic and is created by two amazingly awesome guys, Rob Humphrey and Jeff Manley (who also draws Terrorbads and Treasure Hunter for Two For One Comics).  It covers the trials and tribulations of two nerds who work in the horrific world of retail.  The Kickstarter will fund the second and third printed volumes (one of which will feature a pin-up by yours truly).  They still need about $1300 to reach their goal by April 7th.

SYMBIOSIS - With just 9 days left to raise $9000, this project needs your help like right now.  Artist Steven Sanders, who has drawn a ton of awesome comics for both Marvel and independent companies (you probably know him from his controversial design of X-Men's Beast in the criminally under-read S.W.O.R.D.) put together this amazing art book that builds a fantastic world from the ground up that readers can then use to create their own stories (as he is doing it under Creative Commons).  This is seriously one of the most exciting projects I've ever seen on Kickstarter.

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