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Thursday, March 28, 2013

DEAR DINOSAUR - "Dear Dinosaur's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Have you checked out today’s all-new Dear Dinosaur comic over at This week we have a solid one with “Dear Dinosaur’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!”  Once you’ve read the strip, check out this week’s commentary.

There are lots of fun little gags in this week’s Dear Dinosaur, with the most notable being the references to the Scott Pilgrim book series and film in the second panel.  This week’s question comes from “Rammy,” who is a clear reference to Ramona Flowers from the series.  I overloaded the panel with references to the series, ranging from the Sex Bob-omb poster in the background to the table full of items associated with Ramona in the books.  I have been obsessed with the series for years and actually read it from start to finish at least once a year.  

This isn’t the first time that I’ve referenced Scott Pilgrim in Dear Dinosaur, though.  The “variant” cover for Dear Dinosaur Volume I: Advice-asaurus Rex featured me wearing a tshirt that read “Be Mine, Kim Pine” and featured the Sex Bob-omb logo.  

The other references in this issue are pretty small.  Panel 3 sees Dear Dinosaur recreating the iconic boombox scene from Say Anything, one of the greatest films to come out of the 1980s.  In the final row of panels, Krunch is wearing a tshirt for the defunct 90s power-pop group that dog. who had a small amount of success with their single “Never Say Never,” but never really caught on like they should have.  I highly recommend you track down a copy of their album “Retreat from the Sun” which is one of my favorite albums from my youth, especially the song “Minneapolis.” I've posted a video for the song below.  Check it.

Finally, this week’s strip, along with many others is for sale!  If you’d like to buy the original 11 x 17 art, it’s only $10 plus $3 shipping anywhere in the US.  Shoot me an email at if you are interested

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