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Sunday, August 12, 2012

SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN - Out this month!

An awesome anthology that features one of my short stories will be available starting this month!  SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN from Red Stylo Media is an anthology of short comics inspired by the works of William Shakespeare with unique twists.  My short "Dark Mistress" is a dark little tale inspired by Sonnet 130 ("My mistress' eyes...") with art from Mark Mullaney.  I think y'all will dig it!

The release of the anthology is being done in a really interesting way.  Starting on August 15th, the stories will be released digitally over the next month in small sections, with new stories being released each week.  My story will be released digitally on September 5th! You can purchase the story through,,, and!

For those of you that prefer print copies, the book will be open for orders on August 15th and shipping by the end of the month! You can get the book online through, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.  I will also have a limited number of books at conventions and appearances this fall!