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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now Writing: STRAY

The weeklong look at the comics I currently have in development continues tonight with a look inside Stray, my original graphic novel with artist Mat Nixon. This story is one of the simplest and most linear stories I have ever written and yet the storytelling in the graphic novel is one of the most ambitious and bold moves that I’ve made in my relatively short career.  More information about the comic can be found after the jump!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Original Art Commissions - Just $10!

Hey y'all! I'm taking a break in talking about my current projects to tell you about my commission prices.  My main focus in comics is writing not drawing, but after doing quick sketches at conventions and drawing the Dear Dinosaur webcomic every week, I have decided to start taking commissions for original artwork.

This is especially important at the moment as I have a massive traffic ticket due in just a few days (though I plan to fight it).  My pricing plan is simple.  All sketches are 9" x 12" and in full color.  Single characters are $10, with $10 for each additional character.  I'm willing to draw ANYTHING and I'm up for any challenge you present me! 
If you are interested, hit me up with a comment below or email me at with the subject line COMMISSION. A gallery of commissions can be found after the jump!

Monday, June 25, 2012


I’ve been attending comic book conventions since 2006 as a fan, but in 2011 I attended my first shows as a professional, promoting my comics Matinee Eclectica (more on this later in the week) and a short story in CLiNT Magazine  Both books were clearly aimed at the more mature crowd and did very well amongst folks over the age of 14.  Unfortunately, for kids younger than 14 (a group I never tended to notice at shows I attended as a fan), I had nothing.  This was a bummer.

After those shows I started to mull over this wasted opportunity and decided that I was going to write a comic book that was meant for all ages, but would be accessible and appealing to kids who might not be as interested in the more “mature” work that I had to offer.  Out of this came the fantasy epic, Oren Takes Flight.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


For the first few posts on this blog, I'd like to briefly discuss the comics that I'm working on at the moment.  The first is my weekly webcomic, DEAR DINOSAUR! The webcomic, updated every Thursday, can be found at alongside the excellent webcomics The Bait and Terrorbads.

Dear Dinosaur is an advice column written by a dinosaur (the titular Dear Dinosaur) who absolutely hates the humans that come to him seeking advice.  I launched the comic, which I write and draw, in January 2012 and currently have plans for it to run at least through Spring 2013 as long as people remain interested.

Welcome to the official website of Ryan Schrodt!

Hey there friends! Welcome to the new web home of me, comic book writer Ryan Schrodt.  I'm still working out some of the kinks for the site, but my goal is to use this site to provide updates about my projects, preview art, and interact with my small but growing fanbase.