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Friday, December 14, 2012


A little while back, my pal Rob Humphrey (who you may know as the writer behind the wildly awesome webcomic Punching the Clock) reached out to a number of his artist friends to let us know of a young boy who was facing a horrific medical ordeal and whose family was facing a large amount of medical bills.  Rob had a great idea for helping this young boy and we were honored to pitch in for the cause.  Out of this, the Fight Like a Jedi event was born.  Hit the link below to learn more about this project and the courageous young boy that it will helping.

8 year old Matthew lives in Traverse City, Michigan and has already faced more struggles that most do in their lifetime.  He is one of the few individuals in the world diagnosed with Meyer Gorlin Syndome, a rare condition that has lead to his small stature and a host of other issues that he must deal with every day.  On October 31st of this year, Matthew’s parents took him to the local ER after he had been suffering from dizziness and headaches for several days.  After a series of tests, it was found that he also had a tumor caused by an aggressive form of cancer called Giloblastoma multiforme.  After 13 hours of surgery, the majority of the tumor was removed, but Matthew still faces radiation and chemotherapy as he battles the cancer.
Matthew and his family are regular attendants of the Cherry Capital Con in Traverse City, where Matthew was known for his love of all things Star Wars.  Matthew was even made an “honorary Stormtrooper” by the local 501st.  When Rob Humphrey, who is the Exhibitor Relations Director for Cherry Capital Con, heard of Matthew’s situation, he organized the Fight Like a Jedi event to help Matthew and his family out during their time of need.
This Sunday, December 16th from 1pm to 5pm at the Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City, a fundraiser is being held for Matthew’s medical expenses.  There will be door prizes and a silent auction at the event.  In addition to this, tshirts and a limited edition sketchbook will be on sale.  I was proud to provide a piece of art for this Lucasfilm-approved sketchbook for Matthew and his family (yes, that does mean I am an official Star Wars artist now).  The sketchbook includes are from a number of independent artists, as well as Mouse Guard creator David Peterson and Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore.
If you cannot attend the event, there is an account set up at Members Credit Union to collection donations for Matthew.  Checks can be made out to “Fight Like a Jedi” and please note in the memo section “For Deposit.”  The check can be mailed to:
Fight Lik e a Jedi
c/o Members Credit Union
PO Box 795
Traverse City, MI 49685
Matthew’s parents are the only people who will have access to remove funds from the account, so please know that your donation will go straight to them.
Please check out the Facebook page for this event:

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