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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Limited Edition Comics Signing Wrap-Up

Yesterday I had a fantastic signing event at Limited EditionComics in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  I cannot thank owner Rob and his crew enough for how welcome they made me and my wife feel during the event yesterday.  Limited Edition has a history of fantastic signings, with the likes of Erik Burnham, Tom Nguyen, and Cory Hamscher making regular appearances.  Even though I am far from the caliber of these creators, I was treated with the utmost respect and reverence throughout the day from both the staff and patrons of the shop.  The entire event was an absolute blast and I look forward to future signings there in the future!  Hit the jump to see some of the art that I did for the event!

Dear Dinosaur as a Stormtrooper

Deadpool Sketch Cover

Deadpool Sketch Cover

Deadpool Sketch Cover

Magneto in a bustier sketchcard

Sandman and Constantine sketchcards

Power Girl 9 x 12

Wolverine 9 x 12

She-Ra 9 x 12

International Batmen Sketchcard Set #1

International Batmen Sketchcard Set #2

Futurama Sketchcard Set #1

Futurama Sketchcard Set #2

Futurama Sketchcard Set #3

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