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Sunday, November 4, 2012

17 Days of Halloween Sketches!

While I most certainly do not consider myself an "aritst," I do spend some time every night to work on a sketch to sharpen my limited skills, which I hope will translate into a better looking Dear Dinosaur webcomic.  I post the sketches each night on my Twitter account and on my Facebook page.  In honor of Halloween this year, I decided to do 17 Nights of Halloween Sketches, most of which were chosen by my various social media followers.  Hit the jump to see the finished sketches!

Day 1 - The original film vampire, Nosferatu!

Day 2 - The monster of your dreams, Freddy Kreuger!

Day 3 - The single best character of the Walking Dead TV series, Darryl Dixon!

Day 4 - The Mighty King Ghidorah!

Day 5 - Michael Myers!

Day 6 - My favorite Ghostbuster, Winston!

Day 7 - Classic monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Day 8 - Slimer! (the whole time I drew this, I wanted Ecto Cooler)

Day 9 - The coolest vampire hunter of my youth, Edgar Frog from The Lost boys!

Day 10 - The Wolfman (rocking a sweet denim vest)!

Day 11 - Jason Vorhees welcomes you to Camp Crystal Lake!

Day 12 - Shaun, hero of my favorite romanitic comedy, Shaun of the Dead!

Day 13 - Frankenstein's Monster...wearing a hipster sweater?

Day 14 - Perhaps the creepiest monster I've ever seen on a television show, the Weeping Angels of Dr. Who!

Day 15 - Jack Skellington, Hero of Halloweentown!

Day 16 - Leatherface!

Day 17 - My favorite "hero" of Halloween, Linus!

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