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Monday, October 29, 2012


While most comic book artists supplement their income by selling original art at conventions, it can be hard for writers to cover the cost of shows without having the added boost that artists get from sketches/commissions/original art sales.  Faced with this quandry myself, I started doing $1 "Not an Artist" sketches at shows--basically I would draw anything for $1.  The concept took off and I was able to pull in a lot of fans to my table to buy the books I wrote, simply by promising cheap sketches.  It was a pretty rad deal.
Starting this year, I've switched to doing these as sketchcards and I'm much happier with the results. I can crank them out faster, which means making more fans happy and my limited art skills seem better suited for smaller pieces than larger commissions.  It is a win-win for everyone.
I'd like to use this post to showcase some of my sketchcards that I've done over the last few weeks, including my pre-order commissions for my upcoming signing at Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls, Iowa on November 7th!
If you are interested in ordering sketchcards ($1/each or 6 for $5), hit me up!

The Cast of Adventure Time!
Top Row: Finn, Jake, Ice King w/ Gunther
Bottom Row: Bubblegum Princess, Marcline, BMO

International Members of Batman, Inc
Top: Knight, Raven Red, Dark Ranger
Bottom: Wingman, El Gaucho, Mr. Unknown

Dear Dinosaur Characters!
Top: Editor Ryan, Dear Dino, College Dear Dino, Krunch
Bottom: Pteri, Rodney Raptor, Robosaurus, Word the Bird

Dark Knight Rises Sketchcards for a Charity Raffle
Bane, Catwoman, Batman

Futurama Set #1
Top: Fry, Kif, Leela
Bottom: Scruffy, Nibbler, Bender

Futurama Set #2
Top: Amazonian, Amy, Zap Brannigan
Bottom: Zoidberg, Homo Farnsworth, Professor Farnsworth

Top: He-Man, Bizzaro, Optimus Prime
Bottom: Hercules, Johnny Quest w/ Bandit

Doctor Who, Black Canary w/ Plastic Man, Mr. Krabs

Top: Boba Fett, CM Punk, Darkseid, Batman
Bottom: Rocketeer, Danerys Targaryean, Iron Man

Top: Link, Wonder Man, Mordecai and Rigby, Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Bottom: Captain America, Snake Eyes, Cassie Hack, Ren and Stimpy

Top: Crazy Robot, Thor, Jason Vorhees
Bottom: Dear Dinosaur, Doctor Manhattan, Ken from Street Fighter

Top: Punisher, Wonder Woman, Raphael, Two-Face
Bottom: Totaro, The Spirit, Fony Bone, Hawkeye

Top: Kick-Ass, Shredder, Bender
Bottom: Doctor Strange, Kermit, Robin

Top: Wolverine
Top-Middle: Ned Stark, Leonardo, Finn and Jake
Bottom-Middle: Captain America, The Thing, Iron Fist
Bottom: Nightwing, Splinter, Captain Marvel

Top: Master Chief, Spider-Man, Hulk
Bottom: Rorschach, Hawkman

Top: Sinestro, Flash, Catman, Catwoman
Middle: Joker, Grifter, Batman/Lex Luthor, Dalek
Bottom: Galactus, Captain Cold, The Hound

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