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Sunday, October 7, 2012

FallCon 2012 Convention Report

Yesterday I attended the FallCon 2012 Comic Book Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota and it was a complete blast.  It was definitely one of the most profitable shows that I've attended and was well worth the 5 hour drive up to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the show, which was thrown by the Midwest Comic Book Association (check out their website at
This was the first time I've attended FallCon as a pro, though I've made the trip up north a few times in the past.  After the success I had this year, I'll definitely be back in the future!  Hit the jump for a more in-depth review of the show!

Upon arriving at the Fairgrounds, I was immediately impressed by the volunteer staff of FallCon.  They were extremely organized and the check-in was a complete breeze.  They had a crew of folks that helped creators find their tables, which was helpful since the aisles didn't appear to be labeled and all of the dealers were interspersed with the creators themselves. I had a primo spot in the main aisle of the show, next to two large back issue dealers.  That meant a lot of foot traffic at my table.
My sales were fairly strong early on and carried throughout the day.  Though I left an hour early (since I did have to drive 5 hours back home), I never really felt like there was a "dead time" throughout the day.  The crowd was a nice mix of ages, genders, hardcore fans, and newbies, with everyone seeming to have a general interest not only in comics, but in checking out new titles from independent creators. 
My hottest sellers of the day were definitely my MAKEbelieve minicomics for kids.  Priced at just $1, they were extremely attractive for budget-conscious parents and the fun premise of the books (a boy and his monkey getting into trouble) seemed to genuinely interest the kids.  I sold through the majority of the books that I brought, which was fantastic.  I'll definitely have more at my next convention and may even add a third title to the mix!
The first volume of Dear Dinosaur also sold very well.  The concept of an "advice column written by a dinosaur who hates humans" is a quirky hook and the amazing cover by Steve Bryant impressed most passerbys.  I had a lot of people tell me they really hoped I would be back for SpringCon next year so that they could pick up Volume 2 (and potentially Volume 3 if it is ready). 
I didn't have much time away from my table to pick up any swag of my own, though I did get a page from the 1990's Wonder Man series (one of my favorites as a kid) by Gordon Purcell and a fantastic sketch of Doctor Who #11 (Matt Smith) by Mitch Gerads.  I also picked up a comic from Otis Frampton, but never had a chance to check out the numerous dealers throughout the show.
All-in-all, FallCon was a complete blast and I will definitely be back if they'll have me!

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