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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Searching for a Colorist

One of the most difficult things that an apsiring comic book writer can face is putting together a team of collaborators to bring his/her ideas to the page.  I've been very lucky to work with some amazing collaborators in the last few years, some of which had impressive resumes before we worked together and others who have gone on to some very exciting projects.  Thankfully I haven't had too much trouble finding collaborators...except colorists.  There is just something about those 4-color mavens that make them highly elusive for someone in my position.
I'm in a situation now where I definitely need a coloring collaborator and I'm asking all of you faithful readers to help out. 
Recently, a number of publishers have shown interest in the pitch for my 60 page graphic novella, HOW THE KRAMPUS SAVED CHRISTMAS.  Dominic Black's amazing black-and-white linework, along wth the excellent letters from Adam Wollet, have enticed publishers on the project, but we've been asked to bring a colorist in to seal the deal for the December 2013 release.

We need a high quality colorist that is willing to join the project for shared ownership and split profits.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer any upfront payment on this, but the project is almost guaranteed to see print.  The initial work would only require 3-4 colored pages for the publisher to approve.  The remainder of the 60 page graphic novel would need to be completed over the course of the next year.  It is a large project, but there are definite benefits and the lead time is favorable.
Interested applicants can contact me at  Join the team for this awesome opportunity!

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