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Monday, July 2, 2012

Now Writing - MAKEbelieve COMICS

Last week I posted that the inspiration behind my upcoming fantasy epic Oren Takes Flight was seeing a large number of kids at comic book conventions and not really having anything for them.  While Oren is still in development and wouldn’t be ready for the 2012 convention season, I wanted to have something that I could market towards these younger audiences.  Since I was having so much fun drawing Dear Dinosaur, I figured this might be a good chance to sharpen my drawing skills by working on longer-than-a-page stories.  And thus the MAKEbelieve minicomics were born!

The MAKEbelieve series is an ongoing set of copy-fold-and-staple minicomics that I’m writing, drawing, and assembling myself.  They are the ultimate old-school self-publishing effort.  As such, I’m able to keep my costs crazy low, which makes them super cheap and all the more attractive to perspective buyers.  At just $1 each, these 16 page minicomics are perfect for younger readers both in terms of content and price.

The stories in MAKEbelieve focus on Colin, a young boy with a very big imagination and a desire for adventure, and his best friend Tomo, a very intelligent but mischievous chimpanzee.  In each standalone story, the duo take on some sort of fantastic adventure based upon the whims of Colin’s imagination.  Currently two of these minicomics have been released—Today I am a Pirate! and I think I will Conquer the Moon—and the feedback has been incredibly positive.  Kids love the easy to read stories and the bold illustrations, while parents love the price point and age-appropriate content.

My plan is to release at least 2 more minicomics in 2012, with one debuting at Wizard World Chicago in August and the other debuting at a convention in late fall.  Next up is Am I a Vampire?, which finds Colin mistakenly believing that he has been turned into a vampire overnight.  Not surprisingly, hijinks ensue! Future titles include My Evil Twin is Evil (late 2012), Hey! That Bear Stole my Jetpack! (Spring 2013), and I Want to go to Robot School (Summer 2013).

The minicomics will be available in my store as soon as it launches, but in the meantime can be ordered by contacting me via email, Twitter, or Facebook.  Or you can just find me at a convention this summer!

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