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Sunday, July 1, 2012


"Christmas is coming."

Continuing our look at my upcoming projects currently in development, tonight we look at the incredibly absurd standalone comic How the Krampus Saved Christmas.  This insane send-up to the Christmas specials of our youth is one my favorite comic ideas that I've ever had.  The project is currently on a fast track as I'd like to see it released this upcoming Christmas.  Hit the jump to find out more!

For those of you that don't know, the Krampus is a mythological creature whose legend originated in Alpine countries , spinning out of Germanic folklore.  The Krampus is said to accompany Saint Nicholas on his journey but serves the opposite purpose.  While Nicholas would reward good children with gifts, the Krampus would punish bad children.  Depending on the variation of the myth, this could mean beating children with sticks, chaining them up, or forcing them into this basket.  In other words, the Krampus is the dark horse of Christmas time mythology and, not surprisingly, a lot of folks attempt to keep him out of their Christmas celebrations.

And yet, the Krampus is the hero of How the Krampus Saves Christmas.

Without giving too much away, after centuries of retirement, Krampus is frustrated and disgusted with what his former friend Saint Nicholas--aka Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus-- has allowed Christmas to become.  After watching Black Friday retail riots, Krampus decides that he must set Christmas right and heads to America to pick up where he left off, punishing the wicked during the holiday season.  But as he learns the truth about exactly what the saintly Santa Claus has become, he realizes his mission is bigger than he first imagined.

Joining me on this project is artist and co-creator Dominic Black.  I put a call out for artists and Dom answered, quickly winning me over with his sharp designs and bold storytelling.  He has a great "edge" that makes him perfect for this dark Christmas story.  He is working on the first pages now and if they look even half as good as his initial designs, we are in for a treat!

We are moving very quickly on this project and, hopefully, we'll start pitching within just a few weeks.  If all goes according to plan, we'll land with a publisher soon and the Krampus will be saving Christmas 2012.

Oh yeah, and if you've never seen the Krampus's guest spot on Venture Bros, you should probably check that out.

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