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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Original Art Commissions - Just $10!

Hey y'all! I'm taking a break in talking about my current projects to tell you about my commission prices.  My main focus in comics is writing not drawing, but after doing quick sketches at conventions and drawing the Dear Dinosaur webcomic every week, I have decided to start taking commissions for original artwork.

This is especially important at the moment as I have a massive traffic ticket due in just a few days (though I plan to fight it).  My pricing plan is simple.  All sketches are 9" x 12" and in full color.  Single characters are $10, with $10 for each additional character.  I'm willing to draw ANYTHING and I'm up for any challenge you present me! 
If you are interested, hit me up with a comment below or email me at with the subject line COMMISSION. A gallery of commissions can be found after the jump!

Here is a gallery of some of the sketches that I've done recently!

A friend and his dog

Composite Superman



Martian Manhunter


Ghostbuster Ray

War Machine
Adam Strange


A friend and her fiance as Batman and Robin

Beta Ray Bill

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