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Thursday, April 28, 2016

UNBOXED: Marvel Collector Corps - Civil War!

Back when I first started subscribing to Loot Crate (before dropping it, then starting again, then dropping it again), I posted my thoughts on each box when it shipped to me.  In an attempt to start posting on my website more (and getting back to more writing in general), I thought I’d continue reviewing any nerdy sporadic subscription boxes that I order as they arrive.

This week I received the newest Marvel Collector Corps box, celebrating the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film.  I dropped Funko’s Collector Corps box after the disappointing Guardians of the Galaxy box back in December. Was this box worth re-subscribing? Hit the jump to explore its contents and hear my thoughts!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Friends! A few months ago, I announced that I was tapped to script the upcoming volume of THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS!  Created by Mark Andrew Smith and Dan Hipp, the Amazing Joy Buzzards are the world's greatest rock band who finds themselves constantly battling against supernatural forces through their awesome adventures.  Originally published by Image Comics, creator Mark Andrew Smith has since taken on self-publishing, including a digital-first initiative.  The first issue of the new volume, CURSE OF THE TUNISIAN LAVA SQUIRREL, is going to be released digitally this summer...with your help!  Mark has a tiny Kickstarter running to cover the final production costs.  

So, if you want to check out my writing on an awesome story with great art, consider backing the campaign!  You only have about two weeks left, but I promise it will be totally worth your cash. I am so proud of the script that I've put together and the final comic is a really great continuation for the series.  Please check it out and consider backing today!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

REMINDER: RodCon in Cedar Falls, Iowa this Saturday!

If you are in the Cedar Falls, Iowa area this weekend, don't forget to come to Rod Con 2016 at the University of Northern Iowa!  I will be there all day Saturday, sketching and selling comics, including the debut of my new extremely personal comic The Process!

I am still taking orders for commissions, prices of which can be found below.  If you are interested in preordering anything, please hit me up on Facebook, on Twitter, or shoot me an email!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

NEW COMIC: Explore depression and anxiety with THE PROCESS!

I am very proud to announce my brand new self-published comic, THE PROCESS, which I will be releasing in just two weeks through my Dirty Third Comics label!  Debuting at the Rod Con Comic Convention at the University of Northern Iowa in print, it will be submitted to Comixology for digital release later this year.

THE PROCESS is an honest exploration of my battles against depression and anxiety and, specifically, how this has affected my comic book career.  It is by far the most personal comic that I have ever written, somewhere along the same lines as the semi-autobiographical “They Say…” and “Loves, Letters, Leaves” that were released in Grayhaven Comics’ anthologies You Are Not Alone and War Stories.  For the first time since the end of Dear Dinosaur, I not only wrote but also illustrated and hand-lettered the book.  As such, it is filled with imperfections and minor inconsistencies, but I feel that only emphasizes how personal the comic really is to me.  

To be perfectly honest, I’m actually a little nervous to put this comic out into the world.  While I try to put a little bit of myself into everything that I create, this is the first time that I’ve been so blatantly autobiographical.  Given the sensitive and often difficult subject matter, I hope that the comic is well received, especially by those who have had similar struggles.  If you are hitting up any of the same conventions as me this year, be sure to swing by my table to pick up the comic or purchase it digitally later this year!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Come see me at ROD CON on April 2nd!

I am very excited to announced that I will be a guest at the upcoming ROD CON at The Universty of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa on April 2nd!  This is a really fun little convention that brings in a lot of great guests from throughout the midwest.  This is going to be so awesome!

I am now taking pre-orders for sketches, sketch cards, and "haiku and hero" sketch covers!  All of my rates are below the jump.  Additionally, I will have a full slate of my writing books, including a few titles from Grayhaven Comics and Red Stylo Media that I have never sold at a show before. I really hope to see y'all there!  If you are interested in preordering anything, please hit me up on Facebook, on Twitter, or shoot me an email!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

WWE Royal Rumble Predictions!

After skipping the last few WWE events (and largely ignoring my website in general), I am back!  This weekend is the first WWE pay-per-view (if you still buy it that way) of 2016, the Royal Rumble!  The Royal Rumble was always one of my favorite events in wrestling, but after two straight lackluster Rumbles, there is a lot of pressure on the WWE to deliver a solid show on Sunday.  How will the Road to Wrestlemania begin?  Hit the jump to see my thoughts!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NOW WRITING...?: The Largest Heart - Prologue and Chapter 1 Excerpt

Over the last year, I'll admit that I had lost focus on a lot of creative endeavors.  While I did have a few exciting announcements and releases, 2015 wasn't the productive year that I had hoped.  However, I did start a few new projects that I hope to bring to fruition in 2016 (and beyond), as well as  few that I'm not so sure will go much further.

One such project is THE LARGEST HEART.  It began as comic book pitch that, unfortunately, failed to gain much traction.  I still loved the story though and in the fall of last year, I began work on transforming the graphic novel into a prose one.  I completed very rough versions of the prologue and chapter one, but then life got in the way and I shelved them.  

As a way of getting myself out there, I want to share the prologue and the first 75% of chapter one with you today.  I want to see what the reaction from my friends and fans is, which may dictate whether or not I press forward with this project in the coming year.  You can hit the jump to begin reading and you can email me your thoughts here.